Choose Government based on Real Issues

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”
-Wayne Dyer-

The news headlines these days are more annoying than distressing.  Now there is a government fiasco over alleged robotic phone calls misguiding voters to fictitious polling stations during the last election.  To be honest I am not surprised to learn of this and believe it is true.  We recieved an automated call regarding polling stations which I simply ignored and used the one I knew was correct.  There are so many snakes in the grass on parliament hill…all accusing the other guy.  This finger-pointing and character assassination has gotten to be the norm.  Just exactly when does any real work get done I wonder?  And, what about those malicious ad campaigns that lead us up to elections? They are a deceptive distraction and a ridiculous waste of money.  A political party that stoops to that level to gain votes, in my estimation, has only informed the public that they lack ethics and have no acceptable forward-thinking  plans for running the government.

According to Canada’s Constitution, we are legally entitled to life, liberty, and security.  Necessary for survival are clean air and water and productive soils to grow food:   a natural functioning ecosystem. It is likely possible to clean up polluted water and grow food in greenhouses, but those methods are grossly expensive compared to protecting the healthy ecosystems that still remain.

Technological fixes, individual actions, or market systems to protect the process are not enough.  The negative costs of damaging the environment and the benefits that nature provides both need to be factored into the economic paradigm.  Therefore, it is one of our government’s primary roles to protect nature. To date governments in Canada have insisted that a strong economy is more important than people and that the interests of corporations are above those of citizens. This is fundamentally wrong and must change.

The economy is a means to provide for the health and well-being of citizens.  Therefore, it is there to serve the environment, of which we are a part, and not global corporate greed.  Environmental protection is not a barrier to opportunity; it is an essential part of a healthy economy.

We must ensure that the governments we elect look after our interests and protect nature because we depend on it for continued existence. When the election time rolls around again considerations must be carefully made.  The current fashion of slamming candidates with hateful and disparaging ads must be ignored; it is all smoke and mirrors designed to hide the real issues.  Hard well-defined environmental questions must be asked and answered to determine which candidate or party will drive for future “life” on earth.  Deceptive scams and finger-pointing will not get the job done…we must find at least a shred of sensibility out there.  Future elections must be decided based on who will protect the environment.

Today’s “stone” is   Day 62   smoke, mirrors, deceit,versus sensible forward thinking


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