Ice Fishing for Kokanee

“In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia.”

-Charles A. Lindbergh-

We headed up to our favorite lake for Kokanee fishing on our snowmobile.  This was our first time going up through the backcountry.  One of my dog grooming clients has a trap-line up through the area and let us know that he had broken the trail through to the lake.  So we bravely set out following his instructions on the “closed” road that turned into a more narrow trail and then turned into a very, very, narrow trail between the trees into the forest that surrounds the lake.  The snowmobile is the back-country type with a track that is designed to handle deep snow and steep terrain so it worked like a charm.  We did, due to our inexperience on winding tight between trees trails, manage to fall over once.  It was not a dramatic sort of tumble but rather a slow motion “oh -oh there’s gravity” kind of fall where the trail took a sharp curve in a tight space on a slope.  I felt like a bug caught on its back scrambling to get up…laughing like a giddy child.  It was the kind of fall that makes you feel foolish and hope that nobody saw it.  The highlight of the excursion was a moose gallumpeting along to get deeper into the woods.  There were many moose tracks around and there were fresh ones following the line of the trail we were on.  It was huge.  We arrived at the opposite end of the lake from where we usually drive up to but were easily able to find our favorite spot for fishing.  And, the fishing was totally awesome.  At first the fish seemed uninterested in the bait but once the bite started  we were pulling them in one after another.  Within two hours we caught our limit and were back on the snowmobile and heading home.  The ride back was thrilling…going downward we were able to view the landscape from miles around once we got out of the heavy forest and very narrow part of the trail.  Next time I will bring my camera and we’ll stop at the logged-out site, walk over to the side and get some vistas recorded.  For now, all that’s left to do is enjoy a delicious BBQ Kokanee dinner.  What a day…what a day!!!

Today’s “stone”  Day  52  glistening snow, massive moose, shimmering fish, endless vistas, foolish tumble


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