A gift of water

“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.”


We are all in this together and it feels great to be able to reach out to others with friendship and help when needed.  Today is our gifting day.  In this case it is a gift of water.  When we moved out here there was a shallow well on the parcel of land that we purchased.  Back in the day, circa 1970, it provided water for two families…the people who owned the property and who also subdivided it into smaller parcels to sell and the people who purchased one of the parcels on the hill above us.  Those two had a verbal agreement to both use the well.  It was written into the terms of selling that the agreement would dissolve upon sale of this particular parcel of land.  The folks up the hill had another shallow (30 foot deep) well dug shortly after we moved here to have their own source of water.  We decided that the shallow well was too unpredictable as a water source so we had a big rig come in and drill us a deep well…170 foot deep.  Any way as it turns out their well has a tendency to go dry…two years ago in August, last year in December and this year today in February.  It all depends on the type of summer previous as to how long they have water.  So today was our gift of water to our neighbour.  We run a hose from our well hydrant over to their well and fill it up…about 2 hours of running does the trick.  It does the heart good to make sure that they have running water to live on and 2 hours of electricity for the pump going is not a big deal at all.  There are lots of people in the region that have these shallow type wells and they invariably go dry at some point.  They end up trucking in water until the spring melt refills their wells and really scrimp on water usage.   Many families drive to the local laundromat to wash clothes to save on water usage too.  It costs a lot more to have a deep well dug but it is worth the money in comfort and security of knowing we have a lot to draw on.  The folks with shallow wells close enough to us for a fill can rely on us to care and share.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 51  water, crystal clear, life giving, freely given


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