A Photo Walk in the Woods

What a glorious day!

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!”

-John Muir-
Just the right kind of day for a walk in the woods. Today I sought out vistas and minutiae where ever the light seemed to be shining in an interesting way. Even during the winter months the forest is alive and vibrant, ringing with woodpecker tapping, squirrel scolding and ravens croaking. Around every bend something new appears…deer tracks, fox prints and occasionally a large paw print from a passing cougar. The bears are still hibernating but the moose are around too. There have been wolves and coyote sightings quite regularly as well. The bunnies are elusive but their tracks are visible as well.  Forever the eagles soar overhead effortlessly gliding on the lookout for prey.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 49  shining, clear, glowing, forest life


There are tiny nodes visible on the naked branches on the southern exposed hillsides.

Here is a favourite feeding spot for squirrels as evidenced by the mound of empty pine cone shells

This area shows evidence of being a former logging set up with an old shack with a miscellany of living debris.

But recovery of life goes on...a tiny sapling grows stalwartly from the decaying trunk of a downed tree.

There are many similar sights of forest recovery. Here another sapling grows at the base of an ancient decaying tree that is charred from a lightning strike.

Moss covered boulders litter the forest floor

The forest glows in the late afternoon sun

Oh forest mine..chaotic beauty.


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