Boreal Woodland Caribou

“Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do.”

-Michel de Montaigne-
It is time to add our names to the appeal for protection of the woodland caribou and their critical habitat of undisturbed intact forest area.  I received the following alert from the Wilderness Committee and am passing it on to all who may be interested in adding their names to the list declaring their support this important strategy.

Time to Speak Up for the Woodland Caribou

Hi Eldy

To Canadians, caribou are iconic, something like the maple leaf and the beaver. For 75 years, when a Canadian reached into his or her pocket, they were likely to find a caribou gracing a 25-cent piece.

Because of their sensitivity to disturbance, boreal woodland caribou are in trouble in Canada. Already they’ve been pushed off half their range by developments like oil and gas exploration and logging, which is why they have been listed under Canada’s Species At Risk Act (SARA).

SARA requires the federal government to establish a recovery strategy, which is a path forward to preserve caribou. Right now, the government is in the final days of accepting public comments on this strategy.

The draft federal recovery strategy for boreal woodland caribou was published last fall, and immediately drew criticism. Very simply, the government isn’t going to give caribou big chunks of intact forest, which is the critical habitat they need.

This is our last chance to make sure a strong strategy is put in place, so boreal woodland caribou survive in more than just Canadian lore. The single greatest thing we can do for the survival of boreal woodland caribou is to ensure they have undisturbed habitat. To give caribou the habitat they need, we need to send a strong message to the Canadian government, telling them we want caribou to thrive.

The deadline for public comment is February 22, 2012. Please go to our letter-writing tool right now, and send your opinion to the federal government.

Eric Reder | Manitoba Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee

This is the letter that I sent through their site:


The best strategy to ensure caribou thrive is to protect big chunks of intact forest. In order for to reach self-sustaining levels they require undisturbed forest areas.  At least 90% of caribou critical habitat needs to be protected in large, intact blocks.  All herds should be recovered to self-sustaining levels; none should be allowed to die off for lack of adequate habitat. Precautionary measures are essential to the survival of our caribou.

It is of grave importance for the government of Canada to act on behalf of the caribou by protecting large blocks of forest undisturbed by roads and developments.  All caribou herds should be recovered to self-sustaining levels by protecting their critical habitat.  Wolf culls instead of critical habitat protection is not acceptable as a recovery strategy.

I appeal to you Mr. Peter Kent and the Boreal Woodland Caribou Recovery Team at Environment Canada to keep this truly Canadian majestic icon, the boreal woodland caribou, safe and self-sustaining in our wilderness by protecting their critical habitat.


Today’s “stone” is  Day  48  on our quarter, in our hearts, in our wilderness, forever


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