Nature Canada

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”

 -Henry David Thoreau-
I recently sent a letter through the Nature Canada website to express my opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project.  I recieved the following letter from Nature Canada.  This letter which contains more information on the potentially damaging effects of that proposed project is also an invitation to all to send their own letter as well.  It is all interesting and important information.

Today’s “stone” is Day  47  grand, free, expansive, pure, North

Dear Eldy,

Recently, we asked you to send a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper voicing your concern about the Northern Gateway Pipeline project. And you did! Over 8,200 of you sent the message that Northern Gateway is not in the public interest. Thank you! Many of you asked for more information about the pipeline’s potential effects on wildlife, habitat and people. That’s the purpose of this email today. Pleaseexplore these links, share them with your friends and family. This proposed project is an important issue for Canadians, and for all those who care about nature conservation in this country. mamutommiddleton_400w.jpg

Pushed Aside: Northern Gateway Tanker Traffic Would Oust Marine Birds from Feeding Zones Marine bird species vary widely in their sensitivity to boat traffic. Most studies measure this by recording something called flush distance – that’s the distance at which birds leave an area when vessels pass by. Does Enbridge adequately account for this threat in their pipeline plans? Our experts say no. Bright Lights, Big Problems: Pipeline Project Poses Risk to Marine Birds Artificial lights from a tanker or oil platform can have negative impacts on marine birds – loons, grebes, albatrosses, geese, swans, terns among others. Lights cause birds to veer off their normal migratory pathway, or delay migration. Birds can circle platforms for extended periods, collide with lighted structures, or even become so disoriented they collide with the ground. More. Dangerous High-Wire Act: Birds Face Collisions With Power Lines From Northern Gateway Project The Northern Gateway project – and all the infrastructure that comes with it – could create a highwire hazard for B.C.’s birds: Collisions by birds with power lines are a cause of mortality in many species. More. Northern Gateway Project: a Primer What is the Northern Gateway project? What’s at Stake? Who’s opposed? What is Nature Canada doing? What can you do? Answers to these questions, plus our full written evidence to the Joint Review panel, is on our web site – be informed! More.
Ian Davidson Sincerely, Ian Davidson Executive Director, Nature Canada
P.S. Public hearings are happening right now. Ask your friends and family to send a letter to Prime Minister Harper today! Photo: Tom Middleton

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  1. Very cool, eldy — I love to see these kinds of organizations follow up on their requests. Good of you to do this, and good for you, for attempting to stop widespread development which would endanger marine birds and other wildlife.

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