Muzzled Scientists?

“free the scientists to speak – be it about state of ice in the Arctic, dangers in the food supply, nanotechnology, salmon viruses, radiation monitoring, or how much the climate will change.”

-Kathryn O’Hara-

The David Suzuki Foundation reports that our federal government must approve all media and speaking requests for its scientists.  The delay in receiving clearance does not allow scientists to communicate valid information in a timely manner. Authorization is often not given.  Has the prime minister muzzled scientists in an attempt to gain free rein in his seemingly personal quest of economic greed and corporate pandering?  Corporate deals are made, industrial developments are authorised and contracts are signed before the general population is made aware of scientific findings which expose potential dangers.  Quite the opposite is the norm in the USA.  U.S. President Obama by official administration policy has encouraged scientists “to speak freely with the media and public about scientific and technical matters based on their official work without approval from the public affairs office or their supervisors.”  Canadians do, eventually, find out what we need to know elsewhere and are, in fact, duly appalled at the lack of concern for environmental issues that the leaders of our country are displaying.

Why in a modern society such as Canada, do our democratically elected representatives find it necessary to prevent scientists from openly discussing their scientific findings?  Should not the government decisions which affect all Canadian citizens be based on the most current scientific evidence available?

Those of us who care about the environment are not going to stop caring.  It is, however, discouraging to come up against a brick wall of ignorant, self promoting, corporate manipulation under the guise of government in a country that used to pride itself on making the world a better place. Dictatorial tactics, closed doors, and unilateral decisions without proper debate and procedure are evidence of the sorry state of the current government.  In an open society, back door deals, slipped in barely under the existing legal parameters are not looked upon kindly.  We are being duped…while all eyes are focussed on one high profile issue…other just as damaging deals are being slipped by and passed.  Our next election, it is my hope, will see a change.  Federally the Conservative Party and Provincially the Liberal Party….both impress me as a major farce.  Fancy brochures, double-talk, empty assurances and big shiny promises do not make good government.  Non-confidence is the term that comes to mind.

Today’s “stone” is   Day 40  muzzled, gagged, bamboozled, questionable


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