Fish farming a failed experiment

“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.”

 -Juvenal, Satires-

Fish farming has become rampant along the coastal waters of British Columbia despite all of the bad press and warnings of problems from those set up elsewhere.  As expected the health of local waters and wild salmon have suffered and lice and viruses have spread.  The fish farming industry continues to be a huge threat to survival of wild salmon.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 38  shimmering, lithe, red, pink, leaping, spawning, trying to stay alive

I sent this letter through the Wilderness Committee website regarding fish farming:

It went to the appropriate Minister of  whatever to avoid redirecting so common to the premier’s office lately.


Industrial fish farming along the coast of B.C. has become a danger to our wild salmon and immediate action must be taken.

Salmon farm pens are tightly packed with hundreds of thousands of adult farm salmon, thus becoming an ideal breeding ground for parasitic sea lice to proliferate, and for disease to grow.  ISA outbreaks are linked to fish farms in Scotland, Norway and Chile. The ISA virus has appeared everywhere that industrial Atlantic salmon farming operates, and has had devastating impacts on the industry.

During the Cohen Inquiry, Alexandra Morton found over 1,100 reports of ISAV-like lesions in the provincial fish farm vet reports. Later, testing on smolts confirmed the presence of the European strain of ISA in salmon on the BC coast.

Salmon farms are situated in channels, inlets and bays close to shore, where they are near stream mouths or along migration routes. Juvenile wild salmon have to swim by these sea lice producing farms and vulnerable to diseases and parasites.

Industrial fish farms are an experiment that has failed. We need to act now to save our wild salmon, and the first step is to close industrial fish farms.



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