Letter to Minister of the Environment: plastic bags

“Our environmental problems originate in the hubris of imagining ourselves as the central nervous system or the brain of nature. We’re not the brain, we are a cancer on nature.”

-Dave Foreman-

Today’s “stone” is  Day 32  excise the cancer, ban the bag, heal the earth

I have not received a response from SaveOn Foods regarding the letter I sent which suggests a ban of plastic grocery bags in their store.  I will send a similar letter to Safeway now .  I am also sending the following revamped letter to the provincial government seeking information on their position on the topic.

Dear Mr. Terry Lake, Minister of the Environment

Abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol by the federal government has made clear their reluctance to act on behalf of the environment regarding climate change.   Individual provinces of Canada can still take up the challenge of addressing causes of climate change.  The province of British Columbia as a leader in promoting awareness of the need to take action against climate change, should consider legislating a ban on plastic grocery bags.  Many other countries world-wide, and numerous states in USA have already done so.

The continued manufacture and use of plastic grocery bags has become a serious concern to the health of the environment. These plastic grocery bags do NOT biodegrade in our landfills; they emit toxicity as they eventually breakdown over decades.  They also pose a serious health risk to wildlife while still intact. Landfills and oceans around the world are glutted with discarded plastic grocery bags.

As I am sure you are aware many grocery stores offer customers a sturdy, well made, washable, reusable cloth bag at a reasonable price.  Many people are aware of the need to be more environmentally responsible; they have purchased reusable cloth bags and use them without fail.  There are, however, many people out there who have not taken this positive action yet.  The “take it or leave it” option appears to be largely ignored by far too many.  Every shopper will get into the habit of keeping their cloth bags handy for use in the car…we have already.

Premier Christy Clark has assured me “that British Columbia remains a leader on climate policy and that our government is firmly committed to reducing the province’s carbon emissions”.  The ecological damage caused to our air quality, land and oceans can and should, therefore, be addressed by our British Columbia government.  Legislation that bans the manufacture, distribution and use of plastic grocery bags would most certainly validate the credence of this assurance.

I would appreciate a reply regarding the provincial government’s position on this specific important issue.


Cc:       Christy Clark, Premier of BC

Rob Fleming, Official Opposition Environment Critic


One thought

  1. short and to the point..will they read it? harness Dr Suzuki on this one, he is a bright light, and so few down here know of him at all..don’t worry, they all know lady Gaga..thanks for such a fine expression of concern. ns

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