change in economic determination

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

-Albert Einstein-

The economic stability of Canada should be built upon a strong foundation of self-sufficient, sustainable development of natural resources that employs Canadians in every step of the process.  The resources of our country should be utilized by employing Canadians in the manufacture of goods, services and renewable energy predominantly for Canadian use.  An economic paradigm that balances the resources in natural form against the actual usage requirements of Canada will provide adequately for Canadian people.  The employment rate will substantially improve and the resultant well being of Canadians will benefit.

There is a wealth of natural resources in Canada to secure the livelihoods of all of its citizens.  To continually export raw natural resources to other countries, although showing a monetary gain in theory, does not however reflect in the well being of Canadians.  Some export of the a limited excess finished product, regardless of what form, would then provide the monetary gains that the Canadian government seems to think are so necessary for economic growth.  This type of economic growth would not be at the expense of Canadian well-being.  To rely on the world oil prices to determine our economic position is folly.  True wealth lies in the health and well-being of the populace.  Economic development should not mean stripping the land of resources and exporting it in raw form to other countries to employ their masses while our country’s unemployment rate is through the roof.  Economic development should not mean poisoning our water and air to provide employment for people of another country.

Sustainability is achievable in house…that is to say based on the needs of Canada alone; there is no desperate need to overuse our natural resources.   Manufacturing, development and extraction of the resources of Canada should be done with the employment needs of Canadians as a priority with export of excess final product as a secondary source of economic growth.  The government of Canada should take a stance against the rampant overuse of fossil fuels and concentrate on funding and developing innovations to provide alternative clean energy sources.  Clean alternative energy sources once developed should be implemented nation-wide without exception.  All non-compliance at that point should be fined and fined hard.

The health of the entire world would benefit from this type of change in economic determination, innovation of renewable clean energy and hard-line tactics against greenhouse gases produced by over-use of fossil fuels.

Today’s “stone” is Day 30  caring, growing, working, sharing


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