The true foundation of a well-lead nation

“If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way.”


In a world of a couple billion people, the natural resources of vast untouched tracts of land may indeed have been mistaken for a limitless supply. Now, however, that the world population has passed 7 billion and counting, exponentially growing with each year, it is necessary to re-evaluate that erroneous concept. The ever present basic needs of an exponentially growing population by simple math will decimate the world supply of food, water and clean air if the devastation of the environment is allowed to continue.

This is especially critical to consider when one factors in that the population of industrially developed nations are excessively consuming and destroying the environment at a rate that is far beyond their basic needs of survival. Industrially undeveloped and underdeveloped nations have the largest percentile of poverty stricken and starving masses. The two leading global health crisis concerns are at diametrically opposed extremities of the spectrum; these concerns are obesity and malnutrition.

This is the point at which a universal ethic which embraces the commonality of all humans, regardless of nation, culture, religion, and stage of industrial capacity, should be inserted into the equation. All people need to think and act in terms of “we human beings”. This is a concept touched on by the Dalai Lama in his most recent book “Beyond Religion” and is of great merit. We, the human family, share the same basic needs of survival. We, the human family, all share the same quest for well-being. Fundamentally we all need shelter, a healthy environment, clean water and nutrition.

The true foundation of a well-lead nation lies in knowing that in the long term our own well-being lies in advocating the development of the well-being of everyone. There are two key points to be made along this line of thought. Firstly, all governments of industrially developed nations must stop the recklessly destructive exploitation of the natural resources of our world forests, plains, mountains and oceans. Strict laws and regulations must be implemented with emphasis on safe sustainable and renewable resource usage. Secondly, all governments of industrially developed nations must practice compassion and provide aid to countries in such a way as to enhance their ability to progress into a condition of self sufficiency.

It is a fact of human nature that we have both the need for the warmth and kindness of others and have compassion for others. This natural interdependence upon others is also evidenced in many other mammalian species. Compassion injected directly into the workings of government may well be the key to human survival down the road. Caring about the outcome of decisions which affect the very elements that ensure our survival and stepping in to promote global health and well-being must prevail.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 27   love, compassion, inner peace, world peace, natural progression


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