Earth Warriors arise!

“I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an Earth warrior.”

 -Darryl Cherney-

There comes a time in everyone’s life that elicits a strong sense of passionate interest and action.  The environment has become that passion for me.  I have listened, observed and agreed with the concerns voiced by David Suzuki on “The Nature of Things” over most of the years of my adult life.  I have eagerly watched National Geographic specials on television and read their magazine articles with keen interest as well.  Now it is my turn to be an Earth warrior, to take action and to add my own voice on behalf of the environment.

During the years that my concerns were mostly directed to feeding and sheltering my children I, out of ignorance, was lulled into complacency by political rhetoric.  I really did think that something good was happening through governmental process that would protect the environment.  That is simply not the case.  The fancy recycling brochures, supposed initiatives, and the purported environmentally supportive saving incentive programs that the government has come up with are artifice aimed a mollifying the general public into believing that the environment is in safe hands.  Yes, every household has an environmental duty to perform to help reduce our carbon footprint.  But, meanwhile behind closed doors, the government is working deals to further the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Projects such as the hydraulic fracturing underway in the Peace River Region and the proposed Enbridge Pipeline Northern Gateway project are glaring examples of this happening right here in B.C.  There are other such projects underway and likely more proposed across Canada whereby the government has condoned and promoted such things as tar sands development, oil pipelines and refineries, coal mining and asbestos mining and export.  Canada has entered into a pact with the devil by allowing contracts with huge foreign-owned corporations aimed at the export of fossil fuels and toxic products.  Many of these toxic materials are mined for export where they will be further processed internationally.  But, this is still causing pollution of the environment and endangering lives on a global scale.  It will all come full circle in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

Exploitation of Canadian natural resources that furthers the use of pollutants and toxic materials must be halted….if it is not safe for here in Canada, it is not safe for anywhere.  Forward thinking is required NOW.  Alternative environmentally safe energy sources should be the focus of development for the security of our future.  Water should be a seriously protected resource with laws, regulation and any reckless use by such things as hydraulic fracturing should be at a cost to the corporation using it.  The free usage of millions of litres of water should be outlawed.  The free water permit given to Talisman Energy and Canbriam Energy whereby each were granted 20-year, 10 million litres/day, is an embarrassing joke at Canada’s expense that is not even good business sense at all.

The development of industries that provide goods and services in our own country to ensure employment of Canadians should be a priority.  When people issues arise such as the locked our Caterpillar employees it should not be ignored by the government.  Supporting Canadian industry not global foreign-owned corporations should be a priority.

Oh, but I do rant on…that is the passion of an Earth warrior.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 25  wailing, roaring, earth warrior, passionately greening


One thought

  1. Hi, eldy, and thank you so much for your ranting! Every one of your posts is sensible, appropriate, and full of valuable information for the populace, and important questions for government. Keep on going!

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