Do we value our oceans?

“Earth is really a water planet, as land dwellers, we are air chauvinists who are immensely ignorant of what lies beneath the ocean waves.”

-David Suzuki-

Seventy percent of the earth surface is water.  To satiate the world’s greedy appetite for specific seafood our oceans are undergoing ecological devastation.  The fisheries around the world are still over-fishing ocean waters daily.  Further they are guilty of killing and discarding vast quantities of “by-catch” and destroying natural habitats.  Drift net fishing, although banned in some countries, is still taking a toll by indiscriminate catching of all manner of sea life forms.  Marine birds, sea-mammals and undesired “by-catch” are falling victim to this form of over fishing.  Long-line fishing with as many as 10,000 hooks is still being deployed with devastating kill results.  There have been bans on drift net fishing and regulations on catch limits however these have been largely ineffective or not implemented.

The oceans have long been a massive dumping ground for all manner of human garbage including sewage waste, industrial effluent, nuclear waste, and obsolete chemical weapons. The oceans are a catch-all for human recklessness as evidenced by the miles and miles of plastic waste discovered caught up in it. Where are the world leaders’ consciences in this matter by the way? Too busy fighting pointless wars and supporting wanton consumerism to enhance their economic bottom line perhaps.

The potential for oil spills from super-tankers traversing the oceans is an ecological crisis waiting to occur. And yet, the government of Canada and the provincial government of BC are actually trying to push through the Enbridge Pipeline Northern Gateway project which will endanger the pristine coastal waters of Northern British Columbia.   All of this in the name of monetary gain at the health expense of the people of Northern British Columbia and the health expense of our oceans.

The priority appears to be solely economically and politically based. What is needed to protect our oceans is a solid ecological principle of sustainability. What is needed is a global ethics-based economic paradigm that takes in to consideration the value of our oceans.

Today’s “stone” is Day 24   lapping, crashing, rising, falling, vast living sea


2 thoughts

  1. I live a block away from the bay, and I become angered over “neighbors” who throw trash in the streets which inevitably ends up in the bay. How much more do we need to do to get our message across?

    • Plastics are one of the most obvious ocean pollutants, so, I am drafting a letter to send to our provincial government urging the ban of plastic shopping bags in BC. I sent a letter to the large grocery chain here but go no reply. Maybe if more people sent letters? I’ll post this one when it is ready and there are others on my letters page. That’s one step beyond being the picker-upper of other people’s litter that I already do.

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