Canada, a dictatorship? What’s goin on here?

“The despotism of custom is everywhere the standing hindrance of human advancement.”

-John Stuart Mill-

Speaking of tyranny, I found it interesting to listen to Premier Christy Clark commenting on the way Prime Minister Harper pushed through changes to the health care funding for provinces “without consultation” and what is considered to be due process.  Harper’s unilateral decision to alter funding to the provinces of Canada and his refusal to discuss anything about it has been viewed by Premier Clark and Premiers of other provinces as inappropriate.  It is an ironic twist.  Now, perhaps Premier Clark understands how the people of British Columbia feel about the manner in which Hydraulic Fracturing was foisted upon the inhabitants of the Peace River region “without consultation” and due process.

What is going on here?  Did Canada suddenly become a dictatorship while I was out of the room?  When the citizenry of Canada voted for their country’s representatives…be it Federal or Provincial we did so in the belief that these democratically elected individuals were placed in office to represent the people.  Unfortunately what we seem to be stuck with is a government that bases its decisions on an inbred political sense of economic superior knowledge that supersedes the basic rights of the country to democratic process.

I have a growing concern that the voice of the Canadian people is being overridden by the political agenda of a select few.  This agenda appears based solely on greedy short-term monetary gain, political egoism and the promotion of a dysfunction economic paradigm that lacks sustainability.  This agenda is placing the natural environment of Canada, the coastal waters of Northern British Columbia and the people of this “family” of Canada at risk of potential environmental disasters. Continuing to foul the land, sea and air will have an impact on the entire planet and every species reliant upon it for life itself.  We need forward thinkers to strive beyond the customary economics and to seek out inovations to improve the world instead.

Today’s “stone” is   Day  21  yes, no, undecided, disenfranchised



2 thoughts

  1. Maybe the next step is to get on board electing someone who would do what Canadians want. Knowing what they’re doing to avoid responsibility, now is the time to start getting them out of office!

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