“All is connected… no one thing can change by itself.”

-Paul Hawken-

Today’s “stone”  Day 18.  metamorphosis, chameleon, politician, hmmm

These are the response letters that I have received so far regarding the email that I sent to Prime Minister Harper about the Enbridge Pipeline Northern Gateway Project.  Isn’t it interesting that the “opposition” political party has sent the most informational response rather than the standard form letter of receipt.  Any way, I checked out the websites suggested by Rob Fleming and found the them all to be worth the effort.  In fact I was able to find more sites with info from them.  In the suggestions from other responses in the past the files were too cumbersome and difficult to download because out here in the boonies we are still on dial-up internet.  Not only that but it was like reading a public relations brochure…all polish and very little real information.  It is encouraging to at the very least get a response.  Change cannot happen in a vacuum, change cannot happen if the powers that be think that there is no opposition. Of course for one thing to change often many other little things along the way must change first.  As in the natural environment one change can have a domino effect; if I and others of like-thinking can set in motion one change…who knows…

Dear Ms.          ,

Thank you once again for you further communication, I appreciate knowing your position on the Northern Gateway project.


Cathy McLeod, M.P.



Dear Eldy,

As Opposition Environment critic, I want to extend thanks for copying me on your email and sharing your concern regarding the Enbridge pipeline. Please be assured that this is also huge concern for Leader Adrian Dix, myself and the rest of the Opposition caucus. We have consistently opposed the Enbridge pipeline, as we have opposed expansion of oil tanker traffic on our coastline.

I enclose some recent media releases for your consideration to review:

I hope this clarifies our position for you. Thanks again for sharing your perspective on this important issue. Take care and do stay in touch.


Rob Fleming, MLA

Victoria-Swan Lake

Official Opposition Environment critic


Dear Eldy :

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister. In your e-mail, you raised an issue that falls within the portfolio of the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources. Please be assured that your comments have been carefully noted. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Minister Oliver. I am certain that the Minister will wish to give your views every consideration. For more information on the Government’s initiatives, you may wish to visit the Prime Minister’s Web site, at Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.

M.F. Bustos Manager/Gestionnaire Executive Correspondence Services for the Prime Minister’s Office Services de la correspondance de la haute direction pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre >>>   Received : 13  Jan  2012 06:23:13 PM   >>> >>>   Subject : Re: Enbridge Pipeline Northern Gateway   >>>>



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