“Don’t say that you want to give, but go ahead and give! You’ll never catch up with a mere hope.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

One of my Project 365 intentions is listed as:  to gift randomly.  I have experienced that giving with no expectation of reimbursement just plain feels good. The gift of human kindness towards another creates an aura of well-being and peace and it boosts someone else’s spirits too.  I would like to make a point of doing so more often.  It does not have to be a tangible gift.  Several weeks ago while in town shopping my husband and I set out to walk across the highway at a light-controlled intersection.  Just a step or two ahead of us was an elderly lady, moving in that frail and slower manner that we will all arrive at some day.  Without a word to each other, we split apart, slowed our pace to her pace and walked the four lanes across chatting with her all the way.  We knew that she would not get all the way across by the time the lights changed and simply kept her company.  She thanked us sincerely and we went on our separate ways.  Now that felt good.  It was a small gift, willingly given, and to be honest we did not need the thanks.  It just felt good to be there.  That is the way that gifting works the best…unplanned, unrequested and filling a gap.  My intention is to be more mindful of those around me, to be more mindful of the gap that gifting may fill.  On the other hand sometimes a small material gift at the right moment is just the right thing.  I like the idea of paying for the next person’s coffee in line at a coffee shop.  Those gift cards that are available almost everywhere for whatever amount of money you choose would work too.  I once gave a booklet of Tim Horton’s coupons that I had gotten as a tip at work to a co-worker who did some extra brushing and combing on a dog I was to groom.  I didn’t have to…it was part of her job but it made her day.  Being mindful of the needs of others, being mindful of the gap, being mindful of how I would feel in a similar circumstance and being mindful of the opportunity to gift…this is the way 2012 will proceed for me.

Today’s “stone”  Day 16  wrapped not in bows nor shiny paper, given freely, a loving heart


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