Celebration of life

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
-John Muir-

I dedicated this day to the celebration of life.  Fresh snow on the ground, muffled silence, my camera tucked cozy inside my jacket I set off to enjoy and record.  I sought out the quiet corners, the peaks of things and the look from higher up…the vistas.  Crawling awkwardly, not a lot of stealth left in my step, over and around fallen trees and broken fences; I found all of the world that I will ever need at my feet.  Huffing and puffing great clouds of frosty breath until my lungs burned and my muscles flagged I moved further into the forest calm.  I felt wrapped in the very arms of nature as I rested on a pile of broken tree limbs and stumps.  This area once was a logging camp; now all but a few recklessly discarded chunks of metal and the odd bottle are buried in the forests deadfall.  It feels as if the forest is swathing the scars that man has gouged into its surface; it is healing slowly.  Further along the growth became denser, the deadfall almost strangling my ascent.  I turned to view the direction from which I had come; it was a breathtaking moment.  I could see the lake, the tree line descending again and again from the various mountains that surround it.  And, far off in the distance the jagged purple ridges of the Rockies capped with snow; seeming so near and yet I know so very far away.  It was time to turn back, to return to our little cabin in the woods; I had gone far enough for the forest to close in around me if I were not sensible.  That is the beauty of nature; it is always ready to wrap itself around you, one tree, and one pile of deadfall always prepared to look like the next or the last.  There is an amazing strength in that beauty that is able to engulf all and take it back into the natural elements.  What joy, what wonder, what a phenomenon life is.

Today’s “stone”  Day 15  oh joy, the woods, the lake, the world, from a mountaintop


4 thoughts

  1. I like the horse munching on straw. That’s beautiful. I think mine are ice skates as they come to a stop. And the sound of a train whistle in the distance. (Every place we’ve ever lived has had a train whistle in the distance, since I was a kid. Makes me feel safe.)
    Your stones are brilliant.

    • Sounds can bring back vivid memories and such feelings of peace. Our senses are way keener than we realize until they suddenly draw us back in time. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

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