Letter re: Enbridge

“After all, sustainability means running the global environment – Earth Inc. – like a corporation: with depreciation, amortization and maintenance accounts. In other words, keeping the asset whole, rather than undermining your natural capital. “
-Maurice Strong-

I’ve emailed this following letter to our Prime Minister and sent copies to various other goverment ministers as well.  Opinions expressed at least.

Today’s “stone”  Day 14  breathed in, pine scent, forest, crisp and clean,

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

As a Canadian citizen I have serious concerns about the Enbridge Pipeline Northern Gateway Project.  My concerns are not only regarding the possibility of damage from leakage from the pipeline.  Further I am not just concerned about the potential for a massive oceanic oil spill along our northern coastal waters.  These are hugely important issues which have been greatly downplayed by the environmental impact statement provided by Enbridge.  After all there have been at least 80 reported leaks in their other pipelines which have resulted in at least 15,900 gallons of leakage.  The impact on the land, the people living on the land and the risks to the health of all including the environment, to me and many others, is far too great and unpredictably risky.  Believe me I am concerned about that.

However, of even more critical importance is the Canadian government’s endorsement of continued dependence on fossil fuels which consequently pollute.  There is also a negative impact on other sectors of the economy when our natural resources are exploited by foreign countries which must be taken into account.  The current economy of Canada, based on the rising and falling price of oil, is detrimental to labour intensive manufacturing industries which rely on export.  The manufacturing sector has seen a loss of jobs as a result.

Canada would be better served by implementing opportunities in the production of renewable-energy technology.  Canada should be a leader in developing and implementing incentives to invest in cleaner energy rather than supporting the highly polluting fossil fuel industry. There are no long term benefits to providing an infrastructure for increased tar sands production.  The financial winners of this scenario are foreign investors and shareholders from the U.S., Korea and China.

I would like to see the presence of ethics which embraces a sense of closeness to all of mankind. This would help to humanize your corporate and government policies and decisions.  Renewable energy technology is the key to the future, not abetting the continued reliance on fossil fuel industries which spew harmful emissions.  In the wake of the Kyoto Protocol abandonment fiasco it is time to make an environmentally sane choice to regain at least some of your constituent confidence.



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