Biodiversity Challenges

“Biodiversity of an ecosystem has a major impact on its stability and functioning.”

-David Tilman-

As the human population grows, urban development sprawls to accommodate it and as a result destroys natural habitats.  This is a worldwide problem in terms of biodiversity.  As a species becomes endangered the natural resiliency and flexibility of the gene pool becomes weakened generating fewer of the species that can survive new threats such as predation, disease or further environmental change.  This has been brought to public enlightenment and interest through studies on pumas and tigers.  The general reaction is that it is a shame that we are in danger of losing such magnificent animals. Sad as this may be, it is truly alarming in terms of biodiversity as a whole.  There is more to it that cute and cuddly animals….all manner of species in an environment are of extreme importance.  Every change to an environment generates another change…and another and so on.  Apparently more than 12% of plant species in the U.S. are already listed as rare or endangered, and in Canada, more than 1% of known species are threatened.  A decimated biodiversity makes the environment at risk of disease, fire, drought, floods, and extreme weather.  Only biodiversity can offer the correct combinations that can adapt to climate change. Human development is wreaking havoc with the atmosphere and natural habitats as it continually devastates natural environments and destroys, without conscience, the very fabric of that which can offer hope of survival…that is biodiversity.  A quick scan of the news over the past year or so shows evidence of this scientific truth.  The flooding, the landslides, the drought, the excessive heat and you name it all preceded by deforestation, stripping the land of natural hardy plants and other by-products of industrial and agricultural over-development.  More than a great deal of thought should be going into the choices that are made to alter a tract of land regardless of how profitable the outcome may appear to be.  At what cost…in species loss, in habitat loss, in pollution,  the break down of biodiversity, and in human suffering…at what cost?  We need environmental laws and regulations to address these issues prior to the approval of any new development.  We need environmental laws and regulations put in place for all of the existing industries and manufacturing and development corporations.  We need to insist on controls and fines and we need to insist on a strong government conscience to represent the safe and healthy use of our natural resources.  Not so much as one more family, one more species, one more natural habitat, nor one more molecule of our fresh air should be caused harm, stress or ill-health as a result of governmental decisions to allow the rape, plunder and poisoning of our planet.  We need forward thinking and environmentally sound decisions made with the well-being of all.

Today’s stone  Day 11.  quaking heart, cry loss, strive on, peace, comfort, where is my future green


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