A River of Stones

“A small stone is a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. ”

A River of Stones

I discovered this site yesterday while reading another of the WordPress sites that I follow.  The concept intrigued me so much that I will add to my Project 365 for 2012 too.  I believe that this will fit in as a natural extension to my current way of going. There is a page set up to archive my “stones”.  I love to start something creative that has the potential for personal growth that I can share and maybe encourage others to try.  Today’s “stone” is:    Day 4.  Warm breeze, slick snow, quick descent, melting.

Today we had to make the hour-long drive into town for a few necessities.  It ate up most of the day but the high point was spotting a moose along the way.  They are such majestic and yet oddly shaped creatures…uniquely suited to their lifestyles I guess.  It is always reassuring to spot them in the area; the land is still capable of feeding and sheltering them.  It is a good sign.  Our natural wilderness needs protection and conservation efforts of the government are not the only way to get it done.  It is up to each and every one of us to do our part worldwide.  Not only do we need to lobby the powers that be to stop the destruction of the forests, bogs, rivers and lakes of the world, we also must on an individual level act responsibly.  Careless littering of noxious chemicals, plastics, and living plants and animals not indigenous to the area , just to name a few are things that can devastate a natural habitat and destroy the biodiversity that keeps the environment healthy and balanced.  What we pack in, we must pack out.  When we hike only the impossible to not pick up is left behind.  We carry a garden trowel to make potty stops and bury our personal waste…the toilet tissue comes home in a bag for disposal.  We never-never leave behind garbage or dump leftover bait when fishing either.  It is my hope that some day every one who goes out into the woods will follow our lead.  Gosh we even take along an extra trash bag in case some one else has littered before…yeah we pick it up.  I’m sure other folks do this too though.  For all those picker-uppers…three cheers!!!


One thought

  1. I was raised by litter-picker uppers. My father can’t stop himself. And I’ve found every time we go to the beach, how can you not? I was walking with this girl from New York once on the beach in Virginia. She asked, “Why do you keep doing that? Are you going to pick it all up?” I said, “Well, yes. So tomorrow when you come out here and walk it alone, it will be pretty and clean for you.” By the end of our walk, she was doing it too. It made me so happy, I could have cried.
    The moose is my favorite animal, hands down. I so enjoyed your spotting of one in your area.
    And your ‘stone.’

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