Project 365 2012 begins

“To think is easy.  To act is difficult.  To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

I have plans for this year that will fulfill the intended purpose of this blog which is basically: sustainable environment, world peace and inner peace orientated.  As I see it, these three topics are the most important issues of society today.  As I move toward my own sense of inner peace I invite others to join the process and share their progress with others too.  Through the clarity of inner peace I choose to open my mind to more healthy choices for myself and share my ideas with others around me, which in turn can develop healthy choices for the environment.  Through shared experience, loving kindness and ethical actions each of us can make a difference that could expand exponentially around the world.  Inner peace, environmentally friendly choices and the ethics of loving kindness are sharable qualities worth further development toward the dream of a sustainable future for Earth’s resources and of World Peace.  Taking action toward that dream is my Project 365 for 2012.

Today I celebrate trees, the world’s natural air filters; how fortunate we are to have them around us.  I have often stood in the forest with my arms raised, as a tree, what a wonderful way of being, reaching for the sun, swaying in the wind with birds dancing about building nests.   During my walking meditation I carried loving thoughts of gratitude for the carbon-trapping wonder that is a tree.

On an environmental note, we purchased a snowmobile (secondhand) to get us to some of the less accessable ice fishing spots.  Now I know that this is not an enviromentally friendly action…I confess.  However, sticking to my greenness, I have strongly lobbied my husband against its random use.  We have not even tried it out yet but I maintain my stand for using it only for spots that we cannot drive the truck to and walk out on the lake.  He is onboard with green and agrees walking is best.  And so it sits, afterall, we can get 6 people in the truck and the snow is not too deep on the back roads yet.


6 thoughts

  1. you have an amazing mission! my passion is the preservation of the environment. Good for you — i love that you are devoting yourself and this blog to such a wonderful cause! god bless you, and happy new year!


  2. Eldy–what a nice project for this year. I shall subscribe to keep posted on what you have to share! Trees–do you forest bathe? I partake in that often. As far as ice fishing–well, we (my husband is a sports fisherman) probably would like to try it!

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