World Peace, Healthy Environment, Inner Peace

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.”
-Khalil Gibran-

My vision is of a world that is whole, where both inner and world peace are the universal norm, and where the natural resources of Earth are treated as a respected integral part of humanity. Written communication to voice what I would like to see changed is how I choose to move towards a healthier environment. Should others follow my example and also communicate then the voice will be stronger. I care and invite others to care. I choose to live in the moment, making mindful environmentally friendly choices as I go. By my own actions I invite others to join in the advance toward reducing environmental damage. I choose to carry loving thoughts for all entities of the earth. During my daily treks through the woods I celebrate every stone, leaf, tree, animal and micro-organism; they are a part of my being. In doing so I celebrate life with every step; with every breath I share the world with all living things. I invite others to celebrate their lives and all life on Earth; all are interconnected. I am mindful to act with loving kindness, compassion and empathy towards myself.  Thus by the interconnected nature of our shared world I am mindful to act with loving kindness, compassion and empathy towards all.  I adhere to the promotion of non-violent communication as the key to world peace.  I am aware that all do not choose the same path as I do; I embrace them as fellow travellers none the less.


3 thoughts

  1. I believe what you say was the intention of the creator! U r living the original intention!

    Note: Have you read the book “The Secret of Light”, by Walter Russell? Its about the Universe as Electric, period!


    University of Science and Philosophy – P.O. Box 520, Waynesboro, VA 2……
    3 of 4 8/8

    Peace! thehappydrummer

  2. You have such an inviting way of stating your case. It makes people want to jump on board. I want to write like that. Sometimes I feel I’m preaching. And there’s nothing I dislike more than preaching. That’s my biggest resolution is to write in a more inviting slant like you do.

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