Big Booooo to Canadian Government for Abandoning Kyoto

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein-

It is a huge disappointment to learn that the Canadian government is turning its back on the Kyoto Protocol.  Here, we have a large well-developed country that could without a doubt integrate many environment-friendly industrial innovations into its healthy economy.  Here, we have a country of varied ethnicity that could set an excellent example for many other nations with regards to environmental protection.  Here, we have a country of influence that could innovate, promote and aid in the development of industrial practices that would save the environment from further devastation.  However, here, we have a country with ignorance and greed at the helm.  To come away from the Durban Summit with an announcement that the government was going to save 14 millions dollars in fines for not complying to the Kyoto Protocol by completely abandoning the Protocol is beyond ridiculous.  There would be zero fines if the Canadian government had stood by their word and made concerted efforts to reduce the harmful pollution of its industry.  Far better it would have been to have implemented the Kyoto Protocol, set a good example and environmentally  improve the industrial practices of Canadian companies.  Now what we have here is the government of Canada slinking away from the summit like a snake in the grass…guilty of reneging on a legally binding agreement, guilty of continuing to wantonly disregard environmental issues, ashamed of being put in the spotlight for disrespecting the Kyoto Protocol and then twisting the perception of their decision to pull it off as a plus.  Now that is all bad news.  Further bad news is that there will not be any agreement for the nations of the world to reduce and prevent further environmental damage for about 8 years.  Eight more years of reckless, damaging and uncontrolled world industrial development could well send the climate change factor into overdrive.  Wake up!  For the big 3…India, China, and Brazil…will it take the complete annihilation of your lands and your people?  Can you not see that monetary gain will not keep you safe from climate change which has the potential to destroy you and so many other lives on Earth?  When there is nothing to buy, nothing to eat, no shelter, no relief…money will mean nothing.  Every country, every industry, every human on the planet needs to be responsible for how the environmental resources are used.  Sustainably responsible development is the answer.  All else is insanity.


One thought

  1. Thank you for putting the situation so succinctly — I only wish your government, and mine, the U.S. government, were made to read your blog every day. I think you might get through to them, some of them, anyway.

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