Interconnectedness, Biodiversity, Environmental Responsibility

“In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia.”
-Charles Lindbergh-

Most of the miraculous wonders of nature have, to date, all but eluded science.  Whereas science has part of that which is nature defined, classified and understood; a vast biodiversity contained in the wilderness is still an unknown.  The current interpretation of the interconnectedness of the biodiversity of all of the Earth’s continents and oceans is but a hint at its importance to our own survival.  Wilderness itself dwarfs all accomplishments of man.  However, the balance and sustainability of nature are being damaged and destroyed at an alarming pace…faster than it can regenerate.  That miracle of life, the symbiotic coexistence of all life-forms in the wilderness is an integral part of the future of Earth and must be honoured, valued and conserved.   It is a wondrous experience to step out my door into the crisp cold winter air.  The air up here is clean, fresh with the scent of pine trees and snow.  And yet, on days when the logging trucks or the snow ploughs roar by on the nearby highway, the stench of diesel fuel and pollutants creep across the alpiine meadow leading to our home.  It is a bleak reminder of the pollution that we left behind in the big city, the burning eyes, scratchy throats and runny noses all indications of our bodies’ rejection of toxins in the air.  How did we manage, how do my children and my grandchildren manage, will there be relief?  The best that any of us can do is to maintain a lifestyle which respects the environment as much as possible.  For those still living in the smog laden air of the city the onus is on each person to live as green as possible to protect their own health. Up here, the onus is on each of us to live as green as possible to help keep our North land clean.  It is a task that requires personal commitment as well as shared family commitment along with community commitment.  To make choices that are as green as possible is also the onus on the Canadian government.  The existing industries and development of new industries as well as merchandisers and retail outlets must operate under the same environmentally responsible onus as we individuals, families and communities.  Laws and policies which restrict and ban unfriendly environmental practices need to be put in place and fully implemented be it through tax levies or fines.  Canadians across the country are striving for greener lifestyles, so too, should the government require that industrial, merchandising and retail practices are environmentally responsible.  The Kyoto Protocol when adhered to responsibly has had positive impact.  The US abandoned it years ago though and Canada is on the brink of admitting that they too no longer comply.  So make a new Protocol to save the environment, make it a binding agreement…again…but this time around get on board, comply, make the effort, do the responsible right thing.  All this nonsense about it costing too much is just that…nonsense.  There are documented reports that the costs of doing business in an environmentally friendly way have come in way below the projected costs.


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