More Protocol Blues for the Environment

“In today’s world, it is no longer unimaginable to think that business can operate – and even thrive – in an environmentally-friendly manner. “
Olympia Snowe

A message such as this should be passed along to the world.  I see in the news that India is refusing to cooperate with environmental protocols which would require them to make their newfound development in an environmentally responsible manner.  They want to continue with the Kyoto Protocol which leaves both India and China, 2 countries with burgeoning industrial development, exempt from development and environmental restrictions.  To these countries I say, welcome to the developed world, and by all means provide economic development for your poor and starving masses, however, do it in an environmentally responsible manner.  For centuries the more developed countries with huge economic wealth have been doing it all wrong. And, now we have an environmental mess to fix.  No one wants to hold India and China back from developing and providing for their people; they should have learned from the error of others though.  To spew pollutants into the Earth’s atmosphere, to foul the land with toxins and to produce damaging products for consumption is to kill the planet and all of the people on it.  There are already documented horrendous industrial practices underway in India that are resulting in genetic anomalies in children right in India.  To continue to add more and more toxins in the name of economic wealth is wrong.  Grow your economy, feed, clothe and shelter your people but do so responsibly.  A new Protocol which includes India and China is a very intelligent and forward thinking idea.  All countries in the world should be bound by it though.  And, as for Canada, help your fellow-man when they need a hand up.  Help them to realize their dream of a nation of economic balance for all occupants.  Help them to take responsibility for their actions as well.  Canada, do not set a bad example by abandoning the Protocols that will ultimately save the planet from complete environmental collapse at the hands of human economic development.  Work out a new and improved Protocol first and foremost; the government of Canada should be a world leader environmentally not a country that bails out when the going gets tough.


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