Gandhi Quote

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”
~Mahatma Gandhi~

Never has this rung more true than now in the face of climate change. Gandhi’s statement referred more towards attaining peace and non-violence. However, it is also true with regards to the environment which is facing catastrophic climate changes as human development destroys habitats more and more every day. Public apathy seems to be the most common coping mechanism used by society; blinders representing hopelessness in the hearts of many. I,personally, am still hopeful that my own meagre attempts at going green and raising my voice in support of environmental concerns will make a difference. I will continue to move myself and those around me to act and react in the greenest possible ways that we can manage. I’ve gotten the basics down as previously mentioned in this blog. We are in the zone and conscious of our uses of electricity and fossil fuels. I am writing daily to government officials of all parties voicing my concerns. I am formulating a new series of communications aimed at reducing or even banning the use of plastic grocery bags. I am doing my part and I believe others will eventually do the same for the good of the planet. I am not concerned with witnessing the devastation of the planet in my own lifetime, but rather, the prospects of those of the future who do not deserve to suffer the consequences of an apathetic society or an egocentric money-hungry government and dysfunctional consumerism-based economic paradigm. I feel responsibility as an occupant of Earth and I embrace its beauty, majesty and ultimate frailty. 


2 thoughts

  1. Yeah, those grocery bags. I don’t understand why they haven’t been banned. They’re banned in China, I’ve heard.
    I feel I’m a one-man battle. Even the intelligent folks, educated with Ph.D’s come out of stores with all of this plastic. I want to scream.
    Good to know we’re in this fight together.

  2. We can simply say I don’t use plastic, and bring our own cloth bags. Refuse to accept the mistake.
    I notice in some dept. stores, etc. that there aren’t even Any paper bags offered. Most paper bags are eco/recycled now. Airline pilots see plastic diapers and shopping bags floating in our oceans daily. Only the individual can stop this. Know the power you have, avoid TV commercials. We are victoms of Hidden Persuaders, w/o a doubt!

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