Canadian Government’s despicable actions at the UN Climate Change Summit in Durban, South Africa RE: Kyoto Protocol

“It is absolutely imperative that we protect, preserve and pass on this genetic heritage for man and every other living thing in as good a condition as we received it.”

 -David R. Brower-

The most important issue that the government should take up and fight hardily for is the environment and halting the manmade climate change which threatens its demise. And so imagine my shock and horror to learn that the Canadian government is in the process of undermining and abandoning the Kyoto Agreement. This is a legally binding international agreement which targets the reduction of global warming pollution. According to an article on the David Suzuki Foundation website, the Canadian government, behind the scenes, has been urging other countries at the UN climate change summit in Durban, South Africa to abandon the Kyoto protocol. This is an appalling misrepresentation of the people of Canada. I believe that were a poll taken of the general public of Canada it would clearly indicate that we, the people of Canada, want Canada to commit to the Kyoto protocol. I believe that the people of Canada are being misrepresented…we want to continue to contribute to global efforts to stop climate change. I have, through the David Suzuki Foundation website, sent an email which expresses exactly that. The actions of the government of Canada in this regard are a national embarrassment just as is their continued lack of follow-through with the goals and aims of the Kyoto agreement which they signed and by which they are legally bound. European countries have embraced the importance of climate change with measures, laws and policies which have lowered the pollution substantially. Every person in Canada can go to the David Suzuki Foundation website to add your voice to the cause of saving the planet. We need to let the government know that we do not want to be misrepresented by a government bent on the destruction of the planet in the name of the almighty dollar.  You can also write your own letter directly to the Prime Minister of Canada or directly to Peter Kent who is the Minister of the Environment; the site has contact pages through which to email them.  If you email the Prime Minister they will redirect environmental issues to Peter Kent anyway so his email is .  Check out my own letter to the Prime Minister that I posted a few days ago on this blog. 


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