Boycott Consumerism: refuse to consume products in wasteful and excessive ways

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

-Aldo Leopold-

Indeed, man is the land, the air, and the water.  The components, atoms, minerals that make up these things are in and are a part of all of us.  Human DNA shares numerous genetic components with all living creatures.  All in the world is interconnected. The very air we breathe today is the same air that makes its way around the world to be breathed again and again by another.  It is the very air that was breathed in over the millennia by our ancestors and our ancestor’s ancestors.  It is ludicrous to think that coal and asbestos mined in Canada and shipped to India will not pollute the air we breathe here.  It will.  The elements that make up the earth and its atmosphere do not fly off into outer space randomly.  The earth and all of its living organisms are the original and ultimate recyclers.  This ability to regenerate, restore and repair the environment is ages old; it is man’s greed and lack of accepting the knowledge provided by conservationists, environmentalists and scientists that has upset the balance.  Human kind has become a burgeoning force of mass destruction while the governing bodies worldwide ignore the obvious warnings.  Environmentally dangerous materials are still being produced in the name of monetary wealth.  Vast tracts of land and waterways are being contaminated in the name of monetary wealth. The government continues to foster the growth of a consumerism based economy by allowing these destructive activities to go on.  Not only that, the government encourages this damaging industrial activity with incentives and tax breaks.  The current economic paradigm does not work; collapse is on the horizon…the true economic wealth of a country must include conservation fully supported by laws and policies aimed at heading industry in the right direction to develop environmentally healthy choices and actions.  It is our responsibility as individuals to balk at consumerism, purchase what we need to live not what we, as the result of brain-wash style advertising, think we want.  It is our choices in the marketplace that lends credence to the consumerism based economy and in turn is destroying the planet.  There are more of us than them…by that I mean there are vast numbers more ordinary people with good common sense than the government blowhards and corporate power mongers.  Think about that for a while.  If we so-called “consumers” refuse to consume merchandise in wasteful and excessive ways…we actually have the power on our side to drive forward the importance of sustainability.  Figure out what you really need to live.  Don’t fall for the consumer hype.  It is a tough habit to break but it is doable.  Think about that.  Boycott consumerism…live in a manner that provides an example to the country that places emphasis on a sustainable natural economy.


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