The one that got away!!

“Journey with me to a true commitment to our environment. Journey with me to the serenity of leaving to our children a planet in equilibrium.”
-Paul Tsongas-

This blog prompt is custom-made for me today.  We were up at 4:30 am again this morning and off for an ice fishing expedition.  Brook Trout is our current fishing obsession and today’s was an excellent haul.  There were five of us crammed into a pickup truck, bouncing along the rough single trail road to the lake.  I was wedged safely in the middle spot of the front seat…it felt like a vehicle with side air bags.  A couple of the guys were out on the road yesterday with chain saws cutting the dead fall off the road from the big winds that blew out our electricity.  It was easier to manuever the road without having to dodge trees jutting out from the edges.  Our driver-side mirror took a beating last week.  We were on the ice, set up to fish with hooks in the water by 7:00 am…still a tad dark but we could see our bait down to about 5 feet…the water is only 10 feet deep where we set up.  All of us had caught our limit by 9:00am.  It does not always come together this quickly but when it does…wow.  And, yes there is always one that gets away…today was no exception.  Mikey got the prestigious honor of catching the first  fish of the day as well as most dramatic catch of the day.  He got a 2 pounder that flipped off the hook just as he pulled it from the hole; it dropped back into the water tail first.  Undaunted Mikey drove his arm up to the elbow into the freezing water and splashed the fish back out of the water amid cheers and much acclaim.  So, I suppose really it was the one that almost got away.   I had one that grabbed the bait off my hook greedily and then followed the bare hook all the way to the top; his nose came almost out of the water due to his curiosity but alas no bite from him.  What a joy to have the natural bounty of the lake so close and so plentiful.  All of us love and respect the natural environment which provides us with much food and sport.  Clearly, by listening to the stories of our older companions who have fished these water for some 50 to 60 years the numbers have dropped over the decades.  I am grateful that there are laws in place, limits set, licences required and wardens who enforce the laws with serious fines and confiscations for those who disobey.  Our natural resources are way to important to risk over fishing any area by any one.  This wonderful world is a legacy that we need to hand down from generation to generation in as good a condition that we find it ourselves or preferably in even better condition.  Go green, stay green, promote green, actively discourage destruction of the environment….each and every person should have that as a personal mandate and it will make a difference.


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