“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

Decades ago economists developed a system whereby measuring the well-being of mankind was based on the manufacture of products and monetary gain.  This has been widely professed in the educational institutes worldwide and has a stronghold on global society.  The assumption appears to be that this type of system is infinite; however, this economic system is dysfunctional. The distribution of monetary gains to select elite does not serve the goals of the majority of society.  People experience well-being when needs such as leisure, equality and healthy relationships are met.  An economic system should be a means of providing these important needs to the greater portion of society and not simply a means for huge monetary gain for the elite few.  Homelessness, poverty, abusive relationships, mental illness and overall crime are growing at an alarming rate. These problems are symptoms of an economic system that does not work.  There is further evidence that the current economic system does not work. The exploitation and destruction of our natural habitats by the burgeoning consumer based economic system is using up natural resources at rates which surpass sustainability. There needs to be fundamental changes put in place to rectify the shortcomings of an economic paradigm that is not viable to the growth of human well-being.  Yanking the government out of the back pocket of corporate powers would be a start.  But there are greater fundamental changes necessary and far greater minds to contemplate and implement these changes.  What I do know for sure is that to continue blindly using the existing economic model is nuts.



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