“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” 

-Rabindranath Tagore-


Trees stand

in enviable patience and fortitude reaching limb upon limb up to the sky.

Trees luxuriate

in the golden rays of the sun content to hold their ground.

Trees grow

young buds that turn into a myriad of green leaves.

Trees shake

 a glorious mane of leaves in the gentle breeze.

Trees smile

 as rain tickles their verdant leaves and trickles silently down their limbs.

Trees burst

into joyous laughter as driving rains dance among their shimmering leaves.

Trees sway and thrash

like a rampaging stallion against the roar and shriek of thunderous gales.

 Trees moan and wail

in chorus at the raging storm;” I am here to stay”.

.  Trees creak and crackle

through summer drought sipping deep from their root tips.

 Trees quake

as dark electric clouds loom snapping, crackling, thundering dry and angry.

  Trees sigh

in autumnal rains, gratitude thrilling through their red and golden leaves.

Trees celebrate,

crowned in glistening snow, the crystalline beauty that surrounds them.

   Trees clothe

the earth in a  life-giving glorious cloak.


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