Occupy Vancouver “Turn what has been done into a better path”

Look forward.  Turn what has been done into a better path.  If you’re a leader, think about the impact of your decisions on seven generations into the future.

-Chief Wilma Mankiller-

The Occupy Movement has at the very least brought media attention to the fact that powerful corporations are amassing a huge proportion of society’s wealth at the cost of the majority of people who are striving to live within their means and needs.  The hugely rich corporations are not only duping the current generation of wealth, they are depleting natural resources, polluting air, water and soil as well as causing the extinction of species. This rampant disregard for humanity and the natural resources of our planet will have a disastrous effect on generations to come.  Although corporations do supply society with needed goods they are in it for the money without concern for humanity and the sustainability of the planet. Their mandate is to claw tax breaks, subsidies, and incentives from the government while opposing ecological regulations.  Globalization has resulted in the lowest standards for all industrial aspects be it medical care, wages and environmental safeguards in order to increase the bottom line.  On a global scale the pollutants affect everyone.  Regardless of where merchandise is manufactured it is part of that global corporate system that exploits people and ecosystems. We need government to be responsible to the people, not corporations.  We need government to ensure that future generations have clean air, water, and soil.  We need government to support biological diversity and extend that support to developing safe communities in which to raise our children.  The Occupy Movement has at heart to return the democratic process to the people.  However, given the recent deteriorating situations at the Occupy Vancouver site, it appears to be time for the legitimate protestors to reassess their position.  The Occupy Vancouver site has been taken over by a “rabble of homeless youth and others drawn to the free accommodation, food, clothing and other supplies that can be enjoyed at the site.” (as reported in The Globe and Mail).  This needs to be addressed and mayoral actions are likely in the process of being implemented.  The original message acted on by the protest has been lost to a leaderless assortment of people with nothing of value to add to the cause.  The few remaining people who have belief in the original purpose of the Occupy movement ought to pull out before there are more deaths or drug overdoses on site which will further mar the integrity of the cause.  It is time to re-think the action being taken…consider a continuance of day time only protest to occupy the site which will improve the safety and clarity of the protest.  Yes, the homeless, mentally ill and druggies are victims of societal and governmental shortcomings but for this movement their activities on site are detrimental.  This quote is from an article on the David Suzuki Foundation website:  “Biology dictates our absolute need for clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy, and biodiversity for our survival and health. Those are laws of nature and we can’t change them. We have to live within their boundaries. Capitalism, free enterprise, the economy, corporations, currency, markets, and regional borders are not forces of nature. We invented them. If they don’t work, we can and must change them.” It seems to echo what I understand to be the original premise of the Occupy Movement that government support of corporate greed needs to be changed.  I agree with this original premise.  The people of the world have raised their voices in solidarity but the message is about to be lost into a media circus due to the insurgence of violence and irresponsible behaviour.  Change through non-violent communication is achievable; however, responsible leadership is required.  It would be in the best interest of Occupy Vancouver organizers to remove the all-night portion of their movement. Maintaining a day time protest and allowing the Vancouver protest site to be cleaned up and made safe, will bring the true purpose of the movement back into focus.


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