David Suzuki quote on exercise

“ Exercise, like concern for the environment, shouldn’t be a special activity for which we need experts, gyms, and equipment. It has to be a part of the way we live.” 

 -David Suzuki-

I found this statement in an article on the David Suzuki Foundation website. The article went on further to state:  “Exercise is an important factor in reducing a number of our major health problems, from diabetes to stroke, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer. Our bodies evolved to be active. But since we started harnessing cheap, plentiful energy in oil, we’ve used machines to do our every bidding.”  I could carry that further to get into the state of the environment issues, however, today is a day to look inward.   For centuries untold humans have survived on physical strength and agility coupled with their capacity to reason. The body still requires that physicality in order to maintain both physical and mental health.  With obesity looming as a silent killer in epidemic proportions in societies of privileged means the answer to the problem is clear.  Get out there and exercise.  I have been sporadic regarding physical exercise since retiring three years ago with only the seasonal chores as the mainstay of my exercise program.  Shovel snow in the winter and dig and plant in the spring.  Well, to be honest this does not cut it.  The pounds have crept on as a result…20 of them and my erstwhile excellent cholesterol numbers are currently skewed to the dark side.  All of this is due to slicing my physical activity by 75% and falling headlong off the vegetarian wagon. I wonder how can I expect to be part of an effort to improve the health of the planet without making an effort to improve my own health?  Logically, the cleaning up must start at home.  So exercise it is and I have actually been closing in on the vegetarian wagon for a couple of months.  I have eliminated all but fish from my diet…the rest of my protein intake is from vegetable sources.  It is a start and as a bonus I recently read an article that touts vegetarianism is a much more sustainable use  of natural resources.   My personal committment is to maintain treadmill usage throughout the year and I just don’t mean dusting it  off daily like I’ve been doing for the past year.  We bought the machine as soon as we realized that the icy and snow conditions in winter deterred us from daily walks. But after the novelty wore off so did my resolve to keep at it.  My treks around the property which I do daily seldom get my heart rate up. And, even though it keeps the muscles toned it is not enough.  I’m sure I can set up a widget of sorts on this blog  to track my exercise stats to keep myself motivated.  As a start today:  1.20 miles and 2.5 miles per hour for 30 minutes.  I started off slow and worked my speed up so as to avoid any muscle stiffness which might serve as too handy an excuse to skip tomorrow’s set. Want to save the planet…start at home…save yourself so you are healthy enough to save the planet.


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