“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.”

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead

I read a number of articles recently on the David Suzuki Foundation website that have spurred me to take action on behalf of the environment.  I have always been aware of the insanity that modern man has masqueraded as progress. By all accounts progress appears to have been in the past and sadly still appears to be, followed by fine print…”at the expense of the environment.”  It is highly unlikely that those in multibillion dollar corporations which run and encourage the growth of industry and the governing forces which endorse them with support, grants, and permission to proceed; I repeat it is highly unlikely, that they do not know very well that their decisions and actions are costing a great toll on the health of our planet.  If a little someone like me gets it and thinks it needs to be seriously addressed then what’s up with the hightly educated guys in charge. Take for instance the open-net salmon farming industry which has tragically moved to the West Coast of Canada.  It is fraught with known perils to the wild salmon of the West Coast.  It is not a new concept that introducing a different species of anything to an environment can have disastrous both short and long-term repercussions to the existing flora and fauna; the ocean is no different. There is research, documentation and recommendations on this issue.  The most recent development is the infectious salmon anemia virus now being introduced to the West Coast wild salmon due to the open-net fish farming industry. This is appalling proof that the almighty dollar is taking its toll on Mother Nature.  I am aware that closed containment is the safer way to proceed with fish farming. How is it that the open-net fish farms were allowed to set up in the first place and contaminate the wild salmon of our coastal Pacific Ocean?  The danger of open-net fish farms on the East Coast was well documented prior to their arrival on the West Coast. And yet the wheels of industry were allowed to grind on.  Our government needs to give its head a shake.  Well, it is a done deal…someone took the “bait”, closed their eyes to the dangers and placed the environment and the wild salmon of the West Coast in danger.  Is there nothing to do except damage control at this point?  It is also mentioned that the government passed a Wild Salmon Policy which addresses conservation of the wild salmon. But even though it was released in 2005, it has not been implemented yet. Each of us needs to take action where we can and how we can to remedy this situation.  There is a Take Action page on the David Suzuki Foundation site where we can all get involved. I’ve signed emails to be sent to the government which address concerns on these and other issues.  Everyone can get involved in this way; our voices can be heard via email.  By supporting the actions in place by such sites as the David Suzuki Foundation we, the little guy, can join in forces and make our concerns known to the powers that be.  It may not sound like much, a small group of citizens trying to make a difference.  The first step is a thoughtful commitment to change the world for the better.


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