Friedrich Nietzsche quote

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Walking is a universal panacea, like pressing the brain’s refresh key.  A walk offers the benefit of fresh air and exercise which enables the mind to stretch itself into free thinking and creativity.  The rhythmic swaying of a walk feels comforting and opens the mind to receiving inner solace in a stressful world.  Walking outdoors and away from the clamor and roar of city life allows nature to embrace one wholly with a sense of peace and tranquility.  While walking one can feel the tension begin to release from the body first and once the endorphins begin to flow the mind follows suit.  While walking in the woods I find myself setting aside all thought, instead I allow my senses to feel, hear, smell and even taste of the natural world around me.  At times I choose to take in the wholeness of the forest which allows me to feel wrapped in its vast and thriving expanse.  My ears are filled with the twitter and cheek of forest birds and animals stirring in the woods both near and far. The sound of my feet crunch, crunching along the path alerts my senses to the decay of the forest floor which is teeming with a plethora of life, from tiny woodland creatures and plant life to microscopic lifeforms.  I can smell the sap of the pine trees and the pungent rot of autumn leaves; occasionally I can discern the reek of bear scat or some other wild animal on the breeze.  With all of my senses stimulated by the beauty of the natural world about me my mind is able to let go…to simply allow the physical sensations flow effortlessly through it.  I breathe and feel one with the forest.  I stand stock still as a shaft of sunlight strikes my form; I reach my arms to the sky and hold them there.  So this is what a tree does I think.  I can feel my mind stretching right out through the tips of my fingers.  Creativity has arrived and my mind is awash with my own great thoughts.


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