John Lennon quote

Time you enjoy wasting, was
not wasted.

~John Lennon

Today was a day lost to fishing….not a wasted day.  There is something in the majestic beauty of an alpine lake that brings the heart to a peace and tranquility like nothing else. The water was glass-like with out so much as a ripple which reflected the chaotic perfection of the surrounding forested shore.  We used an electric motor on the boat so we skimmed the lake mist with relative stealth. The fall colors were still present on the shoreline deciduous trees and the deep fluctuating greens of the pines created a quiet and mysterious backdrop.  All about the lake rang out the songs of woodland birds and ducks; bald eagles chortled and squealed to each other from tree to tree. A family of otters scolded us as we passed through their own private fishing spot.  Although the air was crisp the sun shone for the first three hours that we were on the lake today…warm and welcoming. The lake was teeming with rainbow trout and kokanee…six of which were willing to become part of our sustenance.  It was the perfect place to be to relish and celebrate the wonders of our little corner of the world.  A brief squall blew up over the mountainside just before we left but was done within five minutes. We are truly fortunate to have this purity of life abounding practically in our own back yard.  All that I can do to promote the maintenanceof the beauty and healthy wilderness areas that remain on our wonderful earth is another one of my goals. We all should take to heart our personal stake in the preservation and maintenance of the world’s natural resources and the health of our planet Earth.  Without a healthy planet we are sunk.


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