Mahatma Gandhi quote

We must be the change we
want to see.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

My understanding of this quote is that in order to fulfill the possibility of change in firstly one’s own life, sequentially the lives of others in one’s immediate environment, exponentially the lives of others who come into contact with those we have touched and consequentially the lives of others on a national, international and even global scale; each person must indeed embrace the idea of change and incorporate the change into their daily living. Every person can hold on to the hope of experiencing a world-wide expression of tolerance and acceptance of the immense variety of societal, racial, religious, ethnic customs, beliefs, physical and ideological philosophies held by humanity. Despite the wars, persecution, genocide and the many atrocities of mankind against mankind there is indeed hope for all people of the world to hold to their own mores without persecution.

Central to this concept of change is that if the mores of the society or group include a belief in blind hatred of others…these hatred based ideals must be set aside for the greater universal good. This could prove to be a tough nut to crack.

Tolerance followed by acceptance of the differences which appear to divide humanity into separate violent groups can become a reality. It takes only one person at a time to make a personal commitment to the process of adopting a stance of non-violent, warm-hearted communication with others. This can grow outward into a far-reaching and profoundly healing movement.

Any change on a global scale is bound to take a long time. It has taken centuries upon centuries for things to have arrived at the dismal state that it is in now. In some societal and religious groups hatred and condemnation of others is deep-seated.  In others it is subtle yet pervasive. It is time that people with objective, open, and caring minds began to make a difference though.  It has to begin at home, in educational centers, and in religious studies.  These areas touch the youth of the world during the formative years. Adults need to set the example and seek out and practice warm-hearted, non-violent communication and engender an atmosphere and belief in tolerance and acceptance of others.

Don’t know how?  Research…Learn how and Pass it forward.


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