Love,Zen,Freedom-the perfect sandwich

Today’s prompt from the daily post is to build the perfect sandwich with $5000. How can this be done when “my perfect sandwich” involves a Zen existence cozily sandwiched between a loving humanity and the freedom to express oneself?  You see I already have my perfect sandwich. However, now I theoretically have $5000 to build another perfect sandwich.  Well, seeing as it is “my” choice do I use the $ to provide aid for the homeless in the form of real food to warm the belly as well as the heart?  Do I use the $ to educate those who are lost and looking for a way to cope with the pressures of this current society?  Do I use the $ to provide some unfortunate person with a new start in life…from the streets to a livable apartment and a job opportunity?  Do I use the $ to enlist mental health experts to aid those oh so many street people overcome their incessant demons?  Do I try to provide help for as many as possible and fall short due to lack of funds?  Do I decide to provide help for a select few to work one at a time toward their perfect sandwich?  Yes, there are solutions to providing the perfect sandwich to the ones who need, but are the needs too immense?  The way I see it, I can as one person do only as much good for others as I can on a one to one basis, with daily moments of warm-heartedness toward those I meet which in turn would give them a basis to pass the warmth forward.  I cite a quote from the Dalai Lama”s Facebook page:

Modern education pays attention to the development of the brain and the intellect, but this is not enough. We need also to be able to develop warm-heartedness in our educational systems. This we need from kindergarten all the way through university.”

Would the $ for the perfect sandwich  provide the most to others when in combination with larger sums? Would the $ be better go towards a larger possibility of providing the larger perfect sandwich? There you have it.


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