What is all the fervor about religion

I am joining in on the Post a Day 2011. The daily post suggestions trigger a thought or two for me.

I can best describe myself with regard to today’s topic as an agnostic. By definition, I seem to fit into the agnostic category quite well. I agree that the ultimate cause and the essential nature of things is not only truly unknown but also unknowable. Really, now, who are we as human beings, just because we have reasoning brains….who are we to say ultimately that we know exactly how, when, why and where life as we claim to know it came into being. REALLY!  It seems to come down to old literature when religious beliefs are examined. In a lot of cases…very valuable stories rife with the stuff of moral compasses. But there seems to be such an abundance of different religions, each professing to know the real truth. Each fervently professing all others to be varying degrees of categorically wrong. Some verbally seem to allow for the presence of other religions and others entirely condemn all other religions. Each religious group claims to have the “history” and the all-consuming belief to back them up which I observe as expostulations to the possibility of “the truth”. Then there is the scientific group with all of its theory, most of which is still without the actual empirical proof that is the cornerstone of science itself. Oh yes, the scientists can indeed offer their version of truth based on a conglomeration of the various facets of science from geology to aerospace. But for me to accept any version as to the ultimate cause and the essential nature of things from any source…it is simply not enough. I can agree with the goodness inherent in most religions but there is a dark side, a manipulative aspect also inherent there. Just look at all of the wars forged in the name of religion. As to science conclusively proving its truth about life…it appears to me to be “a work in progress” with new findings constantly being discovered rewriting the truth about the truth. As I see it, we humans have a gap between  the need to know and the fear of not knowing that can be filled by many different chosen beliefs. I choose to fill that gap with an awareness that there are as many possibilities as there are people on the earth. I choose to embrace the earth with awe and endeavor to create the least damaging human imprint that I personally can upon it and its vast and varied inhabitants.


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