Why Blog?

What is this need to express oneself?  Is this a desire for attention? Is it driven by the need for social community that is, though not uniquely so, a human trait? I am curious because firstly I am what has been described as…”not a social person”. This statement kind of hurt at the time but in hindsight it is quite apt. And yet here I am at my computer, on the periphery of being social, seeking to express myself to others. The fact that the “others” in this particular case are virtually non-existent makes this thought feel silly. Afterall I am quite unlikely to be “read”. To be honest I love to Blog. I have other blogs on the go where my interests are compartmentalized. When I draw…I draw, when I groom dogs…I groom dogs, and when I photograph…I photograph. Each of these activities are exclusive unto themselves and as such are separate blogs. Afterall when I groom I don’t talk art and when I draw I don’t think beyond the task at hand.  And now, TaDa…I write. I looked up the word “opinion” in the dictionary because after writing my initial statement of intent in my first post of this blog I became unsure of my clarity. I was correct in my original thought…and it clarified it even further for me. Opinion equals judgement essentially. I detest the judgemental nature of opinion…always have.  I know that is a slow start but I want to be sure of the direction I am taking. I can recall years ago the heated debates around the kitchen table whenever the topics such as religion, or politics or the French-English question in Canada were brought up. I had nothing to add to the sometimes outrageous rantings. I had thoughts of course but nothing so fervently believed as any others there. Some may consider this to be fence sitting…perhaps from the outside looking in it may appear so. To be more accurate the position was more along the lines of cautious observance. I prefer to let ideas and considerations to mull about in my brain forming more of a library of context to refer to at a later date rather than a steadfast “opinion”. There is great value to seeing…I mean really seeing…the big picture. Or, if you will, really seeing all of the little pictures that make up the big picture always leaving room for more.


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