Observation is key

I have been a fan of observation all of my life. I am the one to sit back quietly observing whatever is going on. I’m not sure why I do this….I prefer not to opinionate. Observation as a general rule will not get one into trouble. Opinions, well, I have seen many disasterous results of opinions expressed. At best, opinions tend to make fools of us all. I enjoy ideation a great deal as well. Thinking about stuff is also relatively harmless as long as it does not lead to an opinion and most especially not to an opinion expressed. And so I shall proceed to document an observation or two and a thought or two. That’s the plan of this particular blog…a message of intent.


One thought

  1. I don’t know how much of myself I am projecting into interpreting the meaning of your own words, but I feel as though we share a similar mindset, and I find it comforting. Keep writing. c:

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